Toukley Kayakers
Canton Beach - 6 February 2018

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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But first, a picture from Danny, over Budgewoi Lake

Harry's photos now - Jim in his back-to-front rowboat

Some kayakers

Look Barry, ducks! Baz and Knut

Moonie and Paul

Paul checking his e-mails


Danny on Tuggerah Lake, where he's been sailing or paddling for 19 years

Barry stuck on a reef

Ray and Merrill. Ray got out in the middle of the lake to adjust Merrill's seat, then re-embarked safely

Arfur, who brought his neighbour, Lucas (not shown)

Moonie and Rocky

Knut fits under the old wharf

Yes, plenty of room there

A glimpse of Rolf

Mike under the old bridge


Going back the other way

Viv teaching Keith how to paddle a SUP. Tough on the knees, mate!

Bob's photos now - the scene at Canton Beach

Moonie again

Barry and Knut

Knut showing off his mussels.

Fred and Brian. I'm told that members find these captions a boon to remembering people's names.

Trevor and Jill

Nicole, but we call her Nikki except when she's in trouble

My little friend Lori, who didn't stay for a chat afterwards. Did you have an appointment, Lori?

Fred and Lori negotiating the superstructure

Mike somewhere sheltered

Relaxing in the dock of the bay

Harry in the woods

Harry (his family call him Arfur) in the lake

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