Gosford - 17 October 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob and Danny

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Danny's photos first - nice here in the lee

Desirable waterfront residences

Harry's pictures now - Viv and Ray get on board

Fred launches

Lawrie with his ocean-going pontoons

Bob, Danny and another Bob cruise past Iguana Joe's

Passenger train narrowly avoids kayakers

Dennis retrieved this jerry can from the shore. Empty, unfortunately.

Keith near the absolute waterfront.

Paul heading south

You could cruise the south seas in this little beauty

Big club yachts dwarf Lawrie on the beach

This isn't just a single boat, you know

Danny ploughs ahead through the surging ocean

Bob's photos now - The launch venue. I think the council has improved this beach.

Brian heads off early. We didn't see him again till morning tea!

Trevor's ready but is missing his crew

Knut and Nikki in the little kayak bay.

Still looking for Jill

Fully staffed canoe!

Lawrie is fully equipped with heads-up display

Carol's here too, naturally

Keith Vall joins the fray

Ray waiting

One only shot of Barry

FOUR diesel locomotives!

Bob C waits for the goods train to pass.

A pirate ship looking for rubbish to collect, but Brian has already been through here.

Bob and Lawrie head towards Koolewong

The fleet south-bound

Nikki in quite choppy water

Ray and Rolf catch a bit of sun

Fred and Dean and some paddleboarding girls

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