Woy Woy - 22 August 2017

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Photos by Harry and Bob

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Harry's photos first - Pelicans on a break

Garry approaches the famous Spike Milligan Bridge

Welcome back Kee after an abcess

We're already down at the waterfall. Here's Malcolm.

Here's the jovial and personable John Wood. (You know that personable means nice-looking)

Beautiful shot of the waterfall area

Viv zipping about in her surf-ski

Gaz, Kee and Knut

Previously declared missing - Andrew K

Our other photographer, Bob W. His oeuvre follows.

New member Graeme looks for the waterfall

There it is!

Barry and Trevor chat while Jill watches where she's going

Colin with Woy Woy Bay in back (sorry)

Dennis looking for fish

Heading back through the pristine water

Bob's photos now - Ray smiling

Keith and Ian in Woy Woy Channel

Debbie is an excellent paddler

Viv is always happy

Graeme meets the ferry

Trevor and Jill head for the waterfall

Knut with friends in Woy Woy Bay

Welcome to Graeme, joining us for the first time

Fred in Waterfall Bay

Lawrie in his trimaran thing

John Stone presenting the waterfall

Kee in the mangroves

Andrew and the Brisbane Water National Park

Harry in The Everglades

John with his little mate

John again, presenting Woy Woy Bay. Nice shot, Bob!

And again

Daniel Arthur

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