Woy Woy - 27 September 2016

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Photos by Harry

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Colourful nature shot

Modern pterodactyl

Carol passes the Woy Woy Oil platform

Tahj is back visiting again

Rolf braces for the ferry wash

Under the triple bridge (road, rail, path)

Entering Parks Bay

Lovely old tree, angophora bentiana

Nikki explores the National Park

Dennis kicks back

John del Z inspects the waterworks

Keith was quiet today without his noisy mate

John hides from Knut

Blast from the past - Bob at the falls in 2011

Ian at the falls

Viv and Doug float together

John and Sabina look for eagles

John has survived a horrific car crash, ask him about it!

John and Annie in a picturesque location

Carol brought her calculator on the water

Pissy little effort today

Ray's son-in-law Alan and his son Tahj. I think.

Tahj's brother Usain

Sorry, it's Tyler!

Commander-in-Chief Dougal

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